Custom Solutions for Better Security

iTech Monitoring is a regional leader in designing and implementing security solutions for business.

Our high-end Video Management Software helps businesses guard against loss of inventory, tools, and other assets. iTech protects against theft, break ins, worker compensation claims and frivolous lawsuits. Such a system can reduce the overall risk from liability, and can therefor be used to negotiate a lower rate from most insurers.

If an incident should occur, our digital search features allow you to locate the precise footage quickly, without hours of review.

In critical areas where loss and productivity carry additional weight, iTech actually helps improve overall employee performance and safety.

commercial building security system

What sets iTech apart?

Our team of project managers is built from degreed-engineers possessing a high level of IT skill and an intuitive instinct for security. Our philosophy has embraced the convergence of IT in the security industry, giving you and your business the cutting edge of protection. This is true in the established business world of brick and mortar, but also online security and dedicated protection for servers and data.

Our Security Consultants bring over 30 years of law enforcement, criminal justice and anti-terrorism experience to their work. This includes experience with a Joint Terrorism Task Force, and expert analysis for The Institute for the Study of Violent Groups.

iTech, we simply deliver a higher level of experience and performance.