In an industry with more of an open-door policy than most, storage facilities face a higher threat level in turns of crime and personal injury. An iTech Monitoring solution-driven system can be crafted around sensitive entrance areas and high-risk spots, with a strategy built around the existing industry business model.

iTech is known for implementing systems which create a high level of security, which in turn boosts customer satisfaction. Create a facility that is both accessible to renters and yet extremely secure with iTech Monitoring and our partner PTI security, one of the most trusted names in the self storage industry.

As with all clients, iTech is available with 24/7 priority response. In the storage industry, we understand how important it is to keep the premises in full performance mode at all times. This is why we support PTI as the most dependable, advanced product line in self-storage security.

**iTech systems compatible with: Pay Express, Easy Code and Storlogix Apps, Individually Monitored Door Alarms, Storlogix and Tenant apps

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