The convergence of security & technology

The professionals at iTech Monitoring are working hard 24 hours a day to protect families and their homes. We believe everyone deserves to feel safe and secure where they live - plus have the peace of mind knowing that their valuables are secure whenever they're away.

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Powerful Convenience

Home security services should offer more than just an alarm - it should bring real function and convenience to the homeowner. With an iTech system, you're able to remotely arm or disarm your system, lock or unlock doors, activate lights and even adjust your thermostat - all using your smart device and from any location you chose.

Is your home already pre-wired with a security system?

Many new homes are now prewired with an alarm system, though most fall well below current industry standards. However, iTech can frequently still utilize such wiring or advise whether a simple upgrade can connect you to the latest technology in home security.

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No system installed?

Take advantage of an iTech home security inspection and learn about wireless home security that's actually Cloud-based, requiring only a minimal installation effort.

Be safe the smart way, with the peace of mind to:

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Home Security – Our security comes with Crash and Smash protection, weather warnings, and the system is completely wireless!
Two Way Voice – With two way voice we are always with you.
Light Control – Turn lights on and off with the press of a button to lower your electricity bill.
Lock Integration- Integrate your locks into your home automation alarm system.
Lock Integration- Integrate your locks into your home automation alarm system.
Smoke and CO detection – Secure your home from fire and carbon monoxide with sensors that detect their presence
Thermostat Integration- Control your thermostat from your phone while lying in bed, or on the move.
Doors & Windows Protected – Secure your doors and windows throughout the house, so if an intruder comes in you are protected.
Cameras – View Live video while your away, see clips of your kids coming home, and who is with them.
Energy Efficiency – Watch your power usage, our customers save an average of $35 per month with the thermostat, and light control the system offers
Image Sensor – Take a sneak peak into your home anytime, or ensure motion triggered alarms are actual alarms and not false.
Interactive Remote Services (click on phone?) – Control Your Home from Anywhere.